Frigidaire HE 27″ Super Capacity 3.8 cu. ft. Electric Laundry Center – White

$879.00 $679.00

Get the best of both worlds with this space-saving and performance-driven laundry center from Frigidaire. With 9 wash cycles and 9 dry cycles to choose from, you can customize to better suit your needs. Automatic Dispenser waits until the optimal time to dispense bleach and/or fabric softener so you don’t have to wait to do it yourself. The moisture sensor dries clothes more precisely by sensing the moisture and adjusting temperature and cycle time accordingly.

    • Save energy, save money. In order to save energy, the washer extracts more water from clothes during the spin cycle, reducing the drying time
    Super Capacity
    • Fit more in every load. Wash and dry 3 days of laundry at once with the 3.8 cu. ft. high-efficiency, top-loading washer
    Super Efficiency
    • Strong, efficient cleaning performance, every time, in the high-efficiency washer with stainless steel tub
    Super Speed
    • Get the laundry done sooner. Quick wash and dry takes only 45 minutes
    Super Gentle
    • Whiter whites, brighter colors, and fewer allergens with advanced rinse cycle technology that uses fresh water
    9 Wash Cycles
    • Normal, Comforter, Heavy Duty, Delicates, Bedding, Quick Wash, Rinse & Spin, Pre-Soak, Casual and Normal
    9 Drying Cycles
    • Normal, Heavy Duty, Delicates, Casual, Quick Dry, 60 Min., 90 Min., Cotton/Towels, Refresh
    Refresh Cycle
    • Reduce wrinkles with the refresh cycle for those times when the clothes finish drying before they’re taken out of the dryer
    Moisture Sensor
    • Dries clothes more precisely by sensing the moisture and adjusting the temperature and cycle time accordingly
    Timed Dry Cycle
    • Select a desired drying time limit that works with any schedule
    Fabric Softener Dispenser
    • No more waiting for the rinse cycle with the fabric softener dispenser that automatically dispenses fabric softener during the cycle at the perfect time

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