Whirlpool Duet Sport Front Loading Washer And Dryer Set

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Whirlpool Duet Sport front-loading washer and dryer set in white  — front control units. Duet Sport design by Whirlpool.

Whirlpool Duet Sport
27 Inch Front-Load Washer with 3.4 Cu. Ft. Capacity, 8 Wash Cycles, 3 Temperature Options, 1,050 RPM Spin Speed and CEE Tier III Energy Star Rating
  • Ultra Efficient Design – The Duet Sport Washer uses 60% less water and 66% less energy in every load, compared to average traditional top load washers.
  • Deep Clean System – The Anti-Escape valve ensures the maximum concentration of detergent is used in the wash cycle, while the Care Control System keeps temperatures optimal for detergent enzymes to work.
  • 6-Point Suspension System – Designed with 2nd floor installation in mind, the Duet Sport washer features four “shock absorbers” and two support springs that cushion the motion of the inner drum as it spins, reducing vibration and noise.
  • Delay Wash Option – Save money on utility bills. Set the Duet Sport washer to begin cleaning up to 6 hours later, during off-peak hours when utility rates may be lower. Or set it to start when unloading the washer is more convenient.
  • Versatile Fabric Care – Your wardrobe spans the spectrum, from delicate hand-washables to heavy-duty jeans. The Duet Sport washer offers a cycle for almost any load you wash, including gentle care for your most delicate garments.
  • Versatile Installation – When purchasing the complete Duet Sport Pair, you have a number of installation options.
  • The reversible dryer door and four-way venting add even more flexibility, and 2 different pedestal options mean that you can install your washer and dryer at a height that is best for you.
  • Care Control Temperature Management – Keeps water warm enough to dissolve detergents for optimal cleaning and cool enough to help protect fabrics from shrinking and bleeding.
  • Quiet Wash Plus Noise Reduction – Sound-absorbing materials on the top and sides help keep operational sounds inside the washer and out of living areas.
  • Clean Washer Cycle – This special Clean Washer cycle helps keep the stainless steel basket and drum clean of detergent buildup and odor.
  • Delicate Cycle – The delicate cycle has a low spin speed so that knit items are handled as gently as they require.
  • Quick Wash Cycle – For lightly soiled loads, the Quick Wash cycle effectively cleans a few garments in just 28 minutes. Increased spin speeds also extract more water for faster drying times.
  • Whitest Whites Cycle – Heated wash water, coupled with the accuracy of the Smart Bleach dispensing system, helps ensure loads of whites receive optimal cleaning performance.
  • Time Remaining Status Indicator – A digital timer in the center of the control panel accurately shows the time remaining for every load.
Whirlpool Duet Sport
27 Inch Electric Dryer with 6.7 cu. ft. Capacity, 9 Cycles, 5 Temperatures Options, AccelerCare Drying System and Interior Drum Light: White with Grey Accents
  • AccelerCare System – Uses moisture sensors and computerized technology to precisely measure how fast the load is drying and when it is complete. Unload and fold before the next load is ready to go in.
  • Noise Reduction System – Enjoy near silent operation at any time of day.
  • Four-Way Venting – Offers you maximum installation flexibility
  • Pair with a Duet Sport Washer – Save time, space, water and energy!
  • Delicate Cycle – A low spin speed means that knit items are handled gently.
  • Front-Mounted Lint Screen – The dryer lint screen is conveniently located at the front of the unit in the door opening, making it easy to reach and clean.

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