GE Café Stainless Interior Built-In Dishwasher with Hidden Controls

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  • Third Rack
    Easily clean an entire dinner party’s worth of flatware at once with a convenient third rack across the top of the dishwasher.
  • Bottle Jets
    Vases, canisters and bottles are always clean and ready for your tablescape thanks to the targeted washing power of Bottle Jets.
  • Easy-touch adjustable upper rack with two Stem Safe shelves
    Create more room for platters, baking sheets, stemware and more with an adjustable upper rack that glides up or down 2 inches with one easy touch.
  • Hard food disposer with removable filter
    Spend less time at the sink pre-washing and let the Piranha™ hard food disposer’s stainless steel blades pulverize food particles and prevent clogging.
  • Full-extension smooth-glide upper rack
    Loading and unloading are smooth and simple with a full-extension upper rack that glides out with just a gentle pull.
  • Hidden vent with fan dry
    Dry heat-sensitive or fragile dishes with a hidden vent with fan dry that gently circulates air to remove moisture.
  • Lower rack adjustable tines
    Configure the lower rack however you please to fit anything from a large colander to a teacup saucer with adjustable, multi-position, fold-down tines.
  • Floor Protect
    Hardwood, tile and other moisture-sensitive flooring materials are protected in the unlikely event of a leak.
  • Made in America

Give your silverware the attention it deserves with an entire third rack devoted to lying out utensils to get them extra clean. This dishwasher even boasts adjustable racks to make sure every item gets as clean as it can.

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